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The successful development of H-ZLaF78
By admin   2014/4/30 11:08:07   



H-ZLaF78 has been developed successfully and can go into operation.Its refractive index nd and abbe number υd reached 1.90069,37.10 respectively.The optical properties weigh against CDGM's H-ZLaF78. The light permeability is also excellent, and transmittance τ5 at 360nm is over 60%, which is beneficial to UV baking of intercourse lens, and the resulted density is lower than 5.10, making the lens' weight lighter. Products of H-ZLaF78 can be cutted or secondarily pressed to what you want. NHG has developed molding parts' press technology, and can provide correspoding technical guidance. Patent application for its products is in progress. 



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